Mohsin Naqvi Poet

Mohsin Naqvi Poet

Mohsin Naqvi was born on 5th May 1947 in Dera Ghazi Khan, Pakistan. His father Syed Chirag Hussain Shah, was a saddlemaker and later functioned as a nourishment seller. His folks had named him 'Ghulam Abbas' which he later changed to Ghulam Abbas Mohsin Naqvi. Naqvi had six siblings. Naqvi moved on from Government College Multan and earned his graduate degree from the University of the Punjab, Lahore. He was otherwise called the Poet of Ahl-e-draw. His poetry about the Karbla is all around acknowledged and recounted all over Pakistan. He was a functioning individual from Shia Muslim people group which is accepted to be the explanation for his death. Naqvi published a few books of poetry amid his lifetime. 

His poetry did exclude just the affection for alif laila type yet additionally he composed against the Rulers of the world who couldn't care less their kin. He wrote a geet "lahron ki tarah tujhko marne nahi denge"  for a film "Husn-e-Bazar" and won the best film award. He wrote a famous Dua:

Ay Rabb e jahan Panjtann e Pak ka sadqa 
Iss qoum ka daman ghamm e Shabbir se bhr de 

This dua is referred to by most zakireen and ulema in Mjalis e Azaa.. 

He was murdered in 1996 on 15 January at Lahore in principle Bazar. In the murder of Mohsin Naqvi Nominated Riaz Basra * FIR No 13/96 (dated January 15, 1996) under Sections 302/34/109 PPC. Allama Iqbal Town police headquarters, Lahore, (with respect to the murder of artist Mohsin Naqvi). His memorial service supplication was driven by Tehreek Nafaz Fiqh-e-Jafariya, Chief Allama Agha Syed Hamid Ali Shah Moosavi at Nasir Bagh, Lahore. His body was then moved to their home Block 45 Dera Ghazi Khan of his introduction to the world where he was let go in the nearness of thousands of individuals. Mohsin Naqvi's grave in Karbala Shreef Dera Ghazi Khan . The final expressions of shaheed Mohsin Naqvi in the wake of being shot were:

le zindagi ka khums Ali(a.s) k ghulam se
Ay maout aa zaroor magar ahtraam se
Aashiq hon agr zara bhi aziyat hui mujhy

shikwa kron ga tera main apne Imam(a.s) se

A partial list of Urdu poetry books of Mohsin Naqvi:

  1. Azaab-e-Deed 
  2. Khaima-e-Jaan 
  3. Berg-e-Sehra 
  4. Band-e-Kbaa 
  5. Mauj-e-idraak 
  6. Tulu-e-ashk
  7. Furat-e-fikr 
  8. Reza-e-harf
  9. Rakht-e-shab 
  10. Rida-e-khaab 
  11. Haq-e-Aeliya

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Urdu poetry (Urdu Shayari) is a rich tradition of poetry and has many different forms. Today, it is an important part of the cultures of South Asia. Meer, Dard, Ghalib, Anees, Daag Dehlvi, Dabeer, Iqbal, Zauq, Josh, Akbar, Jigar, Faiz, Firaq, Shakeb Jalali, Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Shair, Mohsin, Faraz, Faizi and Firaq are among the greatest poets of Urdu. The language of Urdu got its pinnacle under the British Raj, and it received official status. All famous writers of Urdu language including Ghalib and Iqbal were given British scholarships. Following the Partition of India in 1947, it found major poets and scholars were divided along the nationalistic lines. However, Urdu poetry is cherished in both the nations. Both the Muslims and Hindus from across the border continue the tradition.

It is fundamentally performative poetry and its recital, sometimes impromptu, is held in and in Mushairas (poetic expositions). Although its tarannum saaz (singing aspect) has undergone major changes in recent decades, its popularity among the masses remains unaltered. Mushairas are today held in metropolitan areas worldwide because of the cultural influence of South Asian diaspora. Ghazal singing and Qawwali are also important expository forms of Urdu poetry. Bollywood movies have a major part in popularising Urdu poetry (Urdu Shayari) with younger generations.

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