Ahmad Faraz Pakistani Poet

Ahmad Faraz Pakistani Poet

Ahmad Faraz ( Syed Ahmed Shah on 12th January 1931 in Kohat, died 25th August 2008) was a Pakistani Urdu artist. He was generally known as one of the best present day Urdu writers of the last century. Faraz was his pseudonym, (in Urdu takhalus). He died in Islamabad on 25 August 2008. He was granted Sitara-I-Imtiaz, Hilal-e-Imtiaz and after death the Hilal-e-Pakistan by the Government of Pakistan. 

Ahmad Faraz was conceived in Kohat, (then British India) to Syed Muhammad Shah Barq. His brother is Syed Masood Kausar. He moved to Peshawar with his family. He studied in renowned Edwardes College, Peshawar and got Masters in Urdu and Persian from Peshawar University. 

Amid his school life, the dynamic writers Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Ali Sardar Jafri were his closest companions, who inspired him and turned into his good examples. Ethnically a Pashtun Syed, Ahmad Faraz considered Persian and Urdu at the Peshawar University. He later turned into an instructor at the Peshawar University. 

Ahmad Faraz filled in as Chairman of the National Book Foundation in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Faraz has been contrasted and Faiz Ahmad Faiz, holds an exceptional position as one of the best artists of current occasions, with a fine however straightforward style of composing. Indeed, even everyday citizens can easily comprehend his verse.

In a meeting with the BBC Urdu, he reviews how his father once purchased clothes for him on Eid. He didn't care for the clothes implied for him, yet favored the ones implied for his senior brother. This drove him to compose his first couplet: 

Sab kay waste laye hein kaprye sale se
Laye hein mere liye qaidi ka kambal jail se

(He brought clothes for everybody from the 'sale')

(For me, he brought a blanket of a prisoner from jail)

Faraz died of kidney disappointment in a private medical clinic in Islamabad on 25 August 2008. His burial service was held on the night of 26 August, among numerous admirers and government officials at H-8 Graveyard, Islamabad, Pakistan.

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